Bespoke Connoisseur is a collective of the most experienced and respected professionals in the concierge, individualised and experience management service industries.

Our core staff and partners have all enjoyed the widest variety of career histories across the most respected hospitality and service outlets around the world.

Our industry experts have worked at the pinnacle of their respective fields, and their collective knowledge, contacts, and experience has been gathered together to offer companies the most powerful representation in the region.

Our team comprises of individuals who have established themselves as leading management, customer service and experience managers and had reputation as primary creative force behind many of the industry’s most successful brand conglomerates.


When Bespoke Connoisseur represents your brand you have access to an extended family of experience managers, event experts and customer service professionals that pull from industry’s very best and most talented people.

We only work with the most experience partners in the industry – ensuring that your brand achieves the ideal representation as well as the most creative and effective marketing solutions imaginable. If there’s a respected brand in the industry then chances are


Bespoke Connoisseur’s not-for-profit community partner Street Artistry Inc, was initiated to focus on formalising and developing Bespoke Connoisseur’s and its partners’ responsibilities towards communities. Street Artistry Inc. finds, funds, nurtures as well as provides platform & opportunities and support to enable exceptional and gifted talents to flourish and make their dreams an artistry of skills. Established as a platform of celebration and expression for talented communities who aspire to excel and promotes positivity within the local community.

Within the framework of the Corporate Responsibility strategy defined by Bespoke Connoisseur, the program focuses on the communities around the group. We concentrate efforts to better identify specific priority needs in every place where we operate. Through the priority areas of activity: Education, Health, Safety and Social Promotion, the program strives to ensure the economic wellbeing of these communities. It favours projects that become self-sustainable after initial support, in order to reach a maximum number of beneficiaries.

Our social strategy is to set up projects to maximise the potential of each community, respecting their specific needs and empowering local resources. We promote entrepreneurship in the communities by helping people to develop their own talents. This is the surest way to enhance quality of life and to make a sustainable contribution to ongoing development.

We also initiate programs, utilises its networks of contacts, its activities, its business repertoires and its media platform and relations to make awareness of its supporting program and charity partners.

We continuously push its boundaries and mission to establish awareness and to give return to these beneficiaries.

Bespoke Connoisseur welcomes any positive associations and collaborations from any organisations that have the initiative to promote social responsibilities and give back to communities.


Environmental sustainability is a core principal for Bespoke Connoisseur and forms an integral part of our operations at both our central office and its activities.  We are committed to continuous promotion of the sustainability aspect and strives to make responsible decisions to reduce our impacts on the environment. We practice and promote sustainable travel initiatives for all our event patrons by taking public transport included in all marketing and promotional collaterals.

We also encourage and work with our clients to maintain their sustainability practices.


Corporate Governance is essentially about the right people making the best possible decisions, and here at Bespoke Connoisseur , we have clear policies and procedures adhered to by all members of our teams. We believe in fairness, honesty and a commitment to excellence across all our service platforms, and our business activities are conducted to reflect our brand and to complement our business goals. This allows us to grow our business and enable decisions to be made concisely and in minimal time.


At Bespoke Connoisseur, we take pride in creating a vibrant and dynamic workplace that is fuelled by ingenuity and innovation. Great ideas can come from everywhere in the organisation, and we know the next big idea could be yours. From developing cutting-edge technology and products to collaborating with exceptional employees and serving our communities, Bespoke Connoissuer is redefining the true meaning of success.

All CV to be emailed to info@bespokeconnoissuer.com